The Tips to Clean the Silk without Shrinking
Monday, April 26, 2021

The Tips to Clean the Silk without Shrinking

1. No matter what, the silk clothes must be cleaned in accordance with the specified requirements. The water temperature should not be too high, and it should not exceed 30 degrees. Excessive water temperature will damage the silk and cause shrinkage.

2. Be sure to wash by hand, and never use a washing machine, otherwise your beautiful silk clothes will be “mixed” or “turned” and other phenomena will appear.

3. Add salt to the cold water at a ratio of 0.2 grams per meter and shake it well, then gently soak the fabric for 10-15 minutes to preserve the color and prevent the fabric from hardening.

4. It is not advisable to use alkaline detergents and soaps when you are washing, and you must choose neutral detergents. To keep the silk bright and soft, add a few drops of white vinegar.

5. Rub gently with your hands when washing, and rinse with water several times. After washing, you should not twist it with force. You should carefully pick up the clothes and place them neatly on a clean bath towel. Slowly roll up the clothes with a bath towel from one end to absorb most of the moisture and prevent the clothes from wrinkling.

6. After washing, you should choose a ventilated place to dry. Because silk clothes are easy to fade, sun exposure can cause great damage to the fabric and color of the clothes.

We should take good care of the silk clothing so that we can better feel the benefits of the silk.

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