Sick of Maskne? This Silk Face Mask Was Made for You
Sunday, December 27, 2020

Sick of Maskne? This Silk Face Mask Was Made for You

Unfortunately, face masks aren’t going away anytime soon. But at this point, we’re somewhat used to taking the extra precaution and layering up accordingly. As long as we’re staying safe and keeping ourselves (and those around us) as protected as possible from COVID-19, we’re more than happy to wear our masks.

When the pandemic first kicked off, we were grateful to accept any type of mask available — while leaving medical-grade options for frontline workers, of course. But now, there are plenty of options to go around — and the fashion world has gotten involved! We’re especially partial to silk masks, like this one from ROSEWARD — because they can help keep your skin clear as well as stubborn “maskne” at bay.


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As silk is naturally hypoallergenic, these masks are perfect for anyone who grapples with sensitive skin. It will feel great against the complexion and creates very little friction, which is one of the main factors that causes maskne to flare up. Your skin won’t feel irritated when you wear it, which is a dream come true!

Shoppers are obsessed with how comfortable and stylish these masks are. They are currently available in numerous colors, and we honestly want them all! They have a clean look and can complement so many different outfits. This mask fully covers the nose and mouth area, and there are two adjustable ear loops that can be fitted to your specifications.

As an extra benefit, these masks also have a pocket where you can add a filter if you prefer. We would recommend washing the mask at least once a day if you plan on wearing it frequently. If you’re building a mask wardrobe, we highly suggest adding this covering to your collection. Reviewers recommend these masks for anyone who’s looking for a comfortable option that won’t lead to breakouts. It’s the ideal mask to wear if you want to avoid pesky pimples popping up!

Check out more styles from ROSEWARD and shop all of the face masks available!

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