Roseward Eye Mask: The Best Companion For Travel
Wednesday, December 2, 2020

Roseward Eye Mask: The Best Companion For Travel

The sun outside the window is too dazzling? Roseward silk eye mask is the perfect solution for you! As the best companion for travel and sleep, with almost perfect sewing technology and humanized design, Roseward silk eye mask allows you to have a nice sleep in soft and smooth.

Most eye masks are made of artificial fabrics or cotton fabrics; but the best eye mask fabrics are silk fabrics. The silk eye mask is derived from natural silk and has a silky texture. It will not irritate the sensitive eyes and can produce a comfortable massage effect on the eyes.

Roseward silk eye mask can also have a very good shading effect, and can relieve fatigue and improve eyesight. Whether it is a lunch break in the office or a trip at home, your eyes can be well protected. It is suitable for students, office workers with high work pressure and elderly people with insomnia. The real silk component of silk eye mask can also play a certain health care function, and has the effect of caring and nourishing the skin of women, and it is natural without any side effects.


Daily care of Roseward silk eye mask:

1.      Always change and wash the used ones.

2.      When using, avoid backpacks, lying on mats, wooden boards and other rough objects to avoid hanging silk.

3.      When storing for a long time, wrap it in white paper to avoid yellowing.

4.      Don't spray perfume.

5.      Silk products that have become hard after a long time can be diluted with white vinegar and water and then soaked to restore softness.

6.      Yellowed silk clothes can be soaked in clean rice-washing water. Change the water every day, and the yellow will fade in about three days. Sweat stains can be washed with winter melon juice.

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