Mulberry Silk Pajamas Are Your Best Choice
Tuesday, November 3, 2020

Mulberry Silk Pajamas Are Your Best Choice

Pajamas are in direct contact with the human body and must have the ability to absorb sweat and dirt secreted by the human body. The fabric of pajamas must have moisture absorption, good air permeability, soft and smooth, porous, and non-irritating properties. It is best to wear knitted pajamas made of cotton and silk fabrics throughout the year. Knitted products have low viscosity, soft yarns, and are easy to breathe, keep warm, and absorb dust. The color is mainly white.

Mulberry silk pajamas are a natural and green environmentally friendly product with high moisture absorption and heat retention in pajamas. The silk fibroin in mulberry silk is made up of many very small fibers closely arranged. It is a porous fiber material, which contains hydrophilic gum base and amino groups, so it can also absorb water.

Popularize a little knowledge of silk. Under normal circumstances, the water content of silk is 11-12%, and the limit is 30%. Such a high water content does not feel wet, because it is hygroscopic. It feels particularly cool when used in summer; silk is porous and is a poor conductor of heat, so it can keep warm in winter and is very suitable for making pajamas.

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