Maintenance Tips for Silk Pillowcases
Monday, September 28, 2020

Maintenance Tips for Silk Pillowcases

Hair care experts recommend using 100% silk pillowcases, because sleeping on silk pillowcases can help prevent thinning hair. Cotton may make the skin feel soft, but it's weaving can actually grip and pull individual threads, causing damage and breakage. The effect of continuous contact with cotton pillowcases may make the hairstyle tangled. Silk can also prevent hair from knotting and split ends, stimulate hydration, make hair brighter and reduce sebum production, thereby reducing the chance of greasy hair. Here are some tips for maintaining luxurious silk pillowcases.

 Do not put the pillowcase in the dryer, because dry air and friction will damage the fabric. To dry the silk, roll it up with a towel and squeeze out the excess water. When no more dripping, hang up to dry or dry on a flat surface. Heat and direct sunlight will cause the silk to turn yellow, so please let the pillowcase dry in a cool place. Even in cool air, silk can still turn yellow. To prevent this, please dry by an iron.

 Mulberry silk pillowcases can only be ironed when wet. If the pillowcase is already dry, please add some moisture to the pillowcase with a damp cloth before ironing. Use a lower setting, no steam and iron on the reverse side. Apply light pressure to smooth the creases.

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