If silk clothes can’t be machine washed, how should they be washed?
Sunday, February 28, 2021

If silk clothes can’t be machine washed, how should they be washed?

As we all know, it is not recommended to machine wash silk clothes. So, what is the reason? How to wash silk?

Silk clothes generally refer to silk material, which is a kind of porous fiber, which has good heat preservation, moisture absorption, moisture dissipation and ventilation performance, and also has a certain protective effect on the skin. Silk clothes generally feel soft, smooth and have excellent elasticity.

But at the same time, the silk material is also very delicate and requires careful care. Avoid dragging or twisting with gravity in rough places, which will easily cause damage to protein fibers. Therefore, if the silk clothes are improperly washed, they may wrinkle and snag, and cause permanent damage.

The correct way to wash and maintain silk clothes:

1.      Washing: Silk clothes are woven from protein fibers. It is not suitable for washing with ordinary washing machines or rubbing on rough items such as washboards. You should choose hand washing or washing machine with silk washing function. Soak the clothes in cold water for about 5-10 minutes. Wash them with neutral soap or silk detergent.

2.      Drying: After washing, silk clothes should not be directly exposed to the sun or dried. They should be dried in the shade. Because ultraviolet rays tend to yellow and age silk clothes. In addition, silk clothes should not be twisted after washing, but gently shaken, and the reverse side of the clothes should be aired out, and then ironed when they are 70% dry.

3.      Ironing: Silk clothes have poor anti-wrinkle performance. It looks more beautiful if it wrinkles after washing and needs ironing. When ironing, let the clothes dry until 70% dry, and then spray the water mist evenly. Wait 3 to 5 minutes before ironing. Keep the temperature below 150°C. There is also a point that the iron cannot directly touch the surface of the silk clothing, so as not to produce aurora.

4.      Preservation: Save silk clothes, those thin underwear, skirts and shirts, etc., first wash them, and then iron them dry before saving. Those autumn and winter clothing, cheongsam, etc. that are inconvenient to take apart and wash should be dry-cleaned and ironed until they are dry-cleaned to prevent mildew. The ironed silk clothing can also play a role in sterilization and pest control. One more thing, the closet and closet for storing clothes should be kept clean to prevent dust pollution.

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