How to Maintain ROSEWARD Silk Eye Mask
Friday, March 19, 2021

How to Maintain ROSEWARD Silk Eye Mask

In order to improve the quality of sleep, humans invented eye masks. Eye masks are worn on the eyes for shading to eliminate light interference, create a good sleeping environment, help prevent insomnia, enhance sleep depth, improve sleep quality, so that you can get the most comfortable, full and comfortable rest, and make people energetic. At the same time, it can promote blood circulation and slow down eye congestion, thereby preventing dark circles and bags under the eyes.

The daily maintenance of ROSEWARD silk eye mask:

 1.      The used ones must be changed and washed frequently.

2.      Wrap it in white paper when storing it to avoid yellowing.

3.      Do not spray perfume on the silk eye mask.

4.      Silk products that have become hard after a long time can be diluted with white vinegar and water and soaked to restore their softness.

5.      Do not hang the silk eye mask on hard metal hooks to prevent damage to the silk surface.

ROSEWARD silk eye mask is made of 100% mulberry silk. It is silky and comfortable, soft to the touch, has good air permeability and dehumidification, which can effectively reduce eye wrinkles.

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