How To Care For Roseward Silk Nightgown
Sunday, January 3, 2021

How To Care For Roseward Silk Nightgown

Roseward silk nightgown has long become an indispensable item in our life. Exquisite pajamas must be carefully maintained to extend their life. So how should silk pajamas be taken care of? Roseward introduces some ways to care for pajamas.

  Washing Method

1.      Roseward silk nightgown need to be changed and washed daily to keep them clean. Dirt is not only dirty on the outside, but also affects the ventilation, water absorption, and heat preservation of the underwear. Perspiration will damage the material and destroy the proper function, so every time you wash the clothes, try not to put it in the washing machine, it is best to gently rub and wash with your hands patiently.

2.      When the water temperature is below 40 °C, add a mild and easy-to-dissolve washing solution to the water, and soak the pajamas to be washed in the water for 5-10 minutes. The amount of detergent should be appropriate. If it is too much, it will not be easy to wash off. First, wash off the stains with clean water, and then use detergent to dissolve in water to wash a second time. 

3.      The detergent should be rinsed off. The detergent left on the pajamas can easily cause discoloration. The soaking time should not be too long, otherwise the chloride in the tap water will damage the inner material. Rinse thoroughly at the end. Once the detergent is not rinsed, the clothes will deteriorate easily. 


The best way to dry the Roseward silk nightgown is to dry it in the shade, wrap it with a dry towel, squeeze it with your hands, so that the moisture is absorbed by the towel, place it in a ventilated place indoors, pay attention to shaping when drying, and avoid exposing it in the sun or using dryer. Too high temperature will damage the fabric and deform the product. 


1.      The ironing temperature is limited to 160 °C, and the temperature between 140 °C-160 °C is the most ideal. Because the texture of Roseward silk nightgown is light and soft, any high temperature will make it deformed.

2.      Roseward silk nightgown is best hung in the closet with a hanger. 

3.      Drying by dryers, spin-drying by washing machines, ironing with high-temperature irons, or direct exposure to the sun is prohibited. The high temperature of ultraviolet rays will destroy the elasticity and functionality of pajamas!

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