Benefits Of ROSEWARD Silk Underwear
Monday, January 18, 2021

Benefits Of ROSEWARD Silk Underwear

Nowadays, people’s quality of life is getting higher and higher, and many people pay more attention to personal health care. Wearing has become the first consideration for people. As an invisible healthy fashion, underwear is more likely to attract people’s attention, especially for Women are more concerned about underwear, and underwear is the first thing to consider. Although there are much functional underwear, people are more concerned about whether the raw material of underwear is natural or not. As the queen of fabrics, silk is naturally sought after. ROSEWARD 100% mulberry silk panty is your best choice!


Because of the unique nature of silk fiber, real silk fabrics will have a pearl-like luster. This intuitive feeling is grace and luxury. Coupled with the soft characteristics of silk, the underwear looks more self-cultivating but does not appear tight. The important point is that silk can be made very thin, and it can be truly traceless from the outside.


The warmth retention characteristics are due to the unique porous structure of the silk fiber. The holes in the silk fiber can store a large amount of air, which has a good thermal insulation effect.


The main components of silk are protein and sericin, so it rarely generates static electricity when rubbing against the human body. Moreover, thanks to the natural protein fiber of silk fiber, it has a strong skin care effect and is soft and comfortable, just like the second skin of the human body.


Since silk has strong air permeability and moisture absorption and perspiration, it will leave the body in a relatively dry environment, which is not easy to breed bacteria, and silk also has the effect of killing mites, so ROSEWARD silk underwear has a good hygienic effect.

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