How to wash and maintain silk clothing?

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Oh, I just got a silk shirt and need to solve the problem. Ask the same.
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No machine washing, no washing powder, gasoline alcohol, etc., and no exposure to the sun...
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I had a silk dress that I washed out,How to clean and maintain silk clothing? Hope to get professional answers.
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I had a silk dress that I washed out,How to clean and maintain silk clothing? Hope to get professional answers.

Silk is a protein fiber. Mulberry silk contains 18 kinds of amino acids that are beneficial to the human body, which can help the skin maintain the metabolism of the surface lipid membrane. Scientific research has found that silk can keep the skin moist and smooth, and has an auxiliary therapeutic effect on certain skin diseases. Silk clothing has good health care and disease treatment functions.
So, how to wash and maintain silk clothing?
Silk maintenance method
1.  When buying silk clothing, pay attention to buying 2~4 cm larger than your original size. Mulberry silk will shrink. The shrinkage rate is generally between three thousandths and five thousandths. The choice of clothing of this material depends on the style. If it is a loose style, you can choose your own size; if it is a more slim style, it is recommended you to choose a smaller size, so that it is comfortable to wear and not easy to damage the mulberry silk protein fiber.
2.  Mulberry silk garments should be dried in the shade, not in the sun or fluorescent lights.
3.  Mulberry silk clothing should be ironed at medium temperature (130~140℃).
When ironing clothes, let the clothes dry to 70% dry first, then spray water evenly, wait 3-5 minutes before ironing, the ironing temperature should be controlled below 150℃. The iron should not directly touch the silk surface.
Note: You must cover it with a layer of damp cloth before ironing to prevent the high temperature from making the silk brittle or even burnt.
4.  Mulberry silk clothing is highly hygroscopic. When not wearing it, it is best to hang it on a hanger and keep it well ventilated; if the clothes is not very dirty, do not wash it. Hang the worn clothes in a ventilated place, and wear it after the sweat evaporates.
5.  Mulberry silk clothing is best to hang and store, keep it dry, the insect repellent must be wrapped in cloth, and do not directly touch the clothing.
6.  Silk clothing should not be placed together with wild silk clothing, because most of the raw materials of wild silk clothing have been fumigated with sulfur, which will discolor the silk clothing.